Step Into The “Light” Of Your Career

“Self-confidence is a belief in oneself, a belief in one’s own strengths and capabilities.
Closely tied to our self-esteem, it is a kind of trust in ourselves.” ~ Debbie Ford


Is your soul yearning to breakthrough to something new? 

My mission is to help you manifest a career you feel passionate about, and release the blocks that are holding you back from stepping into a greater expression of yourself.  

You may feel READY; however, something stops you.

You may find yourself in fear, and unsure how to get to where you want to be.

Breakthrough Shadow Coaching will support you in dismantling the blocks that keep you stuck, frustrated and unfulfilled in your career.

In this program you will:

  • Connect with the highest vision for your career
  • Breakthrough the blocks and fears that are holding you back from having the career of your dreams
  • Shift your victim story and become a powerful co-creator of your life
  • Tap into your inner wisdom and divine guidance for your answers
  • Be UNSTOPPABLE in your career


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Looking for a job? Career-Esteem also offers Job Search Coaching

You may be READY to Jump Start Your Job Search; however, find you are:

  • Sending resumes through online job boards and not getting responses
  • Going on interview after interview and don’t get the job
  • Feeling discouraged

Sound familiar? 

Shari will teach you how to use LinkedIn to be more VISIBLE to hiring managers, RANK HIGH on recruiter’s searches, and FIND the HIDDEN JOBS. PLUS which GROUPS to join and how to find them.

Shari’s programs offer you more support than you ever imagined by giving you tools you can implement immediately into your job search, and gain unshakable self-confidence to find your perfect job.

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